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Legal translation is one of the most relevant types of translation; the result of which is the exchange of legal information between people, who represent different law systems. Feature of legal translation is that because of differences in law structures and legislation, and due to cultural aspects of countries and single words and phrases without any equivalents in target language. For an identical transmission of legal information it is necessary to take in account a function which word or phrase fulfills in a translated document and use the most fitting constructions of a target language. The polysemy of legal terms is also a difficulty. One and the same word can have different meanings depending on the field of application, so translators have a task to use the only one, equivalent meaning.

For this purpose, translator should have a legal education in addition to linguistic or at least have enough experience of legal translation and have extensive knowledge of law and legislative acts both original country and target country. Any inaccuracy in legal translation can have serious economic and legal consequences, including going to court so the basic requirements that apply to the transfer of such documents, are accuracy, mono semy and authenticity.

Our agency offers translation services of all legal documents, including:

• Contracts, agreements, articles
• Constituent documents, Articles of association
• Legal opinions, certificates, evidences of ownership
• Extracts from the register, licenses, letters of attorney
• Court documents: court materials, resolutions, judgements
• Apostilles, notarial certificates
• Commercial and legislative acts, etc.

To ensure that a legal document had legal force on the territory its legalization is necessary sometimes. Legalization may be required in connection with the procedure of certificating process, widening of a company’s establishment in foreign countries, tender demands, taking part in international conferences and seminars, requirements of foreign partners. Concerning countries-partners of the 1961 Hague Convention, there is a simplified scheme of legalization named apostille. Our agency offers a service of an apostille affixing on copies of legal documents. Deadline - 5 working days from the day of appealing.



Russia and Kazakhstan reached an agreement which cancels every kind of document LEGALIZATION, including apostille. For this reason, documents issued in the Russian Federation for the Kazakhstan Republic,both original and notarial copies, wouldn’t be apostilled. In view of the fact that many Kazakhstan Republic authorities for some reason still ask for an apostille for Russian personal and corporate documents, Russian Ministry of Justice issues official letters to every document with mentioning of its content, company name and written apostille refuse reason.  


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Inoslov translation agency took a part in a VIII Annual B2B Matchmaking Forum“Russia-Europe: Cooperation without Frontiers” on June 29, 2015, which took place in the Moscow Government Headquarters located on 36/9 New Arbat avenue with the support of All-Russian public organization of small and medium business " Russia support " and the Moscow Government . The forum was attended by an “Ernst & Young” executive directorLawson Stewart, Belgian-Luxemburg Chamber Of Commerce,trade delegation of the Andalusian region of Spain, the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development, the association of Italian businessmen “ GIM-UNIMPRESA “, Deputy head of Russian FAS Tsyganov A.G, etc.


Notarial certificationof translationis available in our office on Ryazansky Prospektmetro station at the day of appeal


Since April 2015 Inoslov translation agency cooperates with a companyProstor, which provides services for the legal stay ofmigrants in the Russian Federation: registration certificates, DFR, exams, insurances, registration. All customers of theInoslov translation agency are provided with a free consultation in our office on Ryazansky Prospektmetro station



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